Female-founded Challenger Brand.

How it all started...

Accio was born in an East London flat on a cold winter morning... Have you ever felt so cosy in bed and wished you could just magically summon the light switch to you? We hear you, we’ve been there. 

A smart light for our home, that’s what we needed. But light is about brightening and beautifying your home, adding to its design and reflecting your character. And quite honestly, some of the smart products available are just (do we dare say it?) down right ugly! Not to mention the set-up and installation! Tech can feel intimidating and excluding.  But it really doesn’t have to be...


We’re here to shed new light on smart home systems and the tech industry. We are a female-founded Challenger Brand, shaking up the current image of the tech world and changing people's perception of tech products. We wanted to create smart products that would bring beauty and simplicity to both your lives and ours. 

And that’s what we did. Our smart products are beautifully designed; the installation is so simple that it only takes 60 seconds; and most importantly of all, they won’t cost the Earth.

We’re on this journey of running Accio in line with our life values - with style, transparency and a sustainable outlook.


We hope you’ll join us as we grow. 


Set the tone of your home with the touch of your hand, wherever you are. From subtle moves from warm to cool white to immersive bursts of colour.


The Accio App makes controlling your home with exciting advanced tech feel like child’s play, with no barriers or bridges.


Our LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than regular incandescent lighting. All of our products come carefully packaged in zero plastic cardboard boxes that are recyclable.