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The Full Story


There’s smart tech. And there’s beautiful lighting.

So what if we combined the two?


About Us

Accio is a design-led smart lighting brand from London, launched in November 2020.


We’re passionate about bringing tech and design together. Accio gives you a beautiful piece of lighting with all the smart features. 

Our Mission

Smart homes are the future. Tech doesn't need to be intimidating. We are making the switch to smart as simple and beautiful as possible. 

Our mission is to create smart lights that are beautiful, simple to set up, and won’t cost the Earth.


Our Lightbulb Moment

What makes us different from the rest

Design. Tech can overshadow style, Accio products are smart but they are also beautiful.


Simplicity. There’s the Accio product and the Accio app. No bridges required. All set up in 60 seconds.

Sustainability. Our LED bulbs are all energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than regular halogen bulbs. They are built to last with long lifespans and arrive in zero plastic recyclable packaging. 


All of our lights come in stylish, zero-plastic recyclable boxes.

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