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The #PowerOfColour: Blue

Today our story is about the power of Colour. It’s a 2 min read.

How does colour affect you?

The power and impact colour has on us is undeniable. It has a subconscious effect on our everyday life, and can instantly change how we feel when we walk in a room. A sports arena, a classroom, a cafe; the hue and brightness of light is consciously chosen to stimulate the senses, create different atmospheres and provide unique experiences. Using coloured hues of light in our own homes can affect our mood, behaviour and thoughts; it can excite us, it can help us feel calm. Its influence is inescapable and individual.

Today we are highlighting Blue, the Bringer of Peace. 🕊️

Blue calms us, cools us down and can lower blood pressure. Bringing to mind the sea and sky, it’s like taking a deep breath of clean, cool air.

Research shows that the photoreceptors in our eyes are sensitive to blue light, which can regulate our circadian rhythm (our natural wake and sleep cycle). Blue light can also be used to alleviate pain and promote the healing of the body.

Set your Accio Mood light to blue in your room to illustrate wisdom and tranquility. Schedule your ‘light alarm clock’ to blue on the #Accio app when waking up in the morning, especially if you are suffering from jet lag or insomnia, to help with your cognitive function and manage your sleep cycle. Better yet, remotely set the kids’ bedroom light to blue for a moment of peace as we get ready for the third round of lockdown. 😞

“Mere colour... can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways” - Oscar Wilde.🌈


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