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A Letter From the Founder


My name is Alisha Zhang, and I am the founder of Accio Homes. We officially launched in November 2020, and it has been a crazy 3 months! Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, early supporters like you mean the world to us.

Today, I wanted to share with you my story of how it all started.

I bought my first Amazon Alexa in 2017, and since then, I have become quite obsessed with home automation and smart home technologies! I wanted to upgrade the lights in my home so they could be paired with my Alexa, because, well honestly, if I have to choose between staying cosy in bed and having to get up to turn off the lights, you can guess the one I choose! A very wise person once said: “If necessity is the Mother of invention, then laziness is sometimes its Father”. But when it came to buying the lights, I spotted several pain points from the brands on the market at the time. They were not only very expensive, but also had a complex set up process, and were in fact, pretty ugly!

I am very selective and mindful when it comes to choosing which pieces I bring in to my home. There are 3 things I look for: they need to make my life easier; they need to add beauty to the space; and they need to bring joy and enrich my time at home. I felt that the smart products on the market weren’t what I was looking for, so I decided to create something that I would want in my home, and you would want in yours.

And that’s how Accio was born. A smart home brand that doesn’t compromise design for tech. Our smart lights are beautifully designed, simple to set up, and built to last.

Since the pandemic, we are all spending a lot more time at home, and the question “What makes it home for you?” has been completely redefined. It is no longer just a place we return to each day - our homes have stepped up and became the core of our worlds.

Smart home technologies are shaping the future of homespace. Our mission here at Accio is to create smart products that are beautiful, simple and sustainable, making smart tech inclusive and accessible to everyone.

We’re on this journey of running Accio in line with our life values - with style, transparency and a sustainable outlook. We hope you’ll join us as we grow.


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