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Here’s to all the Mothers in our lives!

This Mother’s Day, let’s take the opportunity to toast all the mothers in our lives. After all, to mother means “to bring up with care and affection”. Our mums, older relatives, friends and colleagues have all given a hand in raising us, teaching us and loving us. And, in turn have been loved back.

From getting us dressed to endless words of wisdom, from life lessons to drying tears, the support we are shown by the mothers in our lives shape, carry and nurture us throughout. Their hands are there, open and ready to catch us. Thank you for being our helping hand! 🤗

This past year in particular, parenthood has been challenged even further with homeschooling, working from home and raising children in a pandemic. We at Accio have so much admiration for families with children at school and parents working tirelessly to work and educate their children at the same time. Spending so much time at home as a family has shown us all the safety and comfort of our homespace, and you may have even noted things you’d like to alter, update or adapt in your home.

For Accio, at the heart of smart homes and smart living is making life easier, adding beauty to our space and bringing joy to our home. Accio can be your helping hand, when yours are full. Voice command enables hands-free control of your Accio smart light and wireless app control means easy use of smart lights, wherever you are.

So, here’s to ALL the mothers in our lives! We have today as a reminder but in no way should today be the only recognition.


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