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Green is the new Black: Black Friday and staying sustainable

Accio has just had our first birthday! To celebrate and tie in with Black Friday, we are offering our biggest ever discount - 20% OFF EVERYTHING + free delivery, running from 22nd-29th November.

CHRISTMAS… There’s no denying, the C word is on all of our minds - every year we promise ourselves we’ll be more organised, have everything sorted earlier, avoid the mad rush. This biggest ever sale on Accio smart lights is the perfect opportunity to get a smart, sustainable and unique gift for your loved ones. These will brighten their lives, give you the title of Best Present Give Ever and also ensure your gift is a mindful, eco-friendly choice.

A sustainable Black Friday?

As a startup, boycotting Black Friday would not stop all the other deals and sales from other, bigger companies. Yes, Black Friday does mean more consumption. It falls at a time when people are looking for deals and to save money before the festive season.

We want to demonstrate and prove that you can make a smart and SUSTAINABLE choice by buying from businesses which are actively making sustainability a core part of their mission.

Accio smart lights add colour, ease and delight to your home and others’. We’ve made all of our lights LED energy efficient, saving 90% energy compared to halogen bulbs. On top of that, all of our smart lights come in 100% recyclable packaging! Win!

We’re also a Treedom friend. We planted 15 trees - that’s 2,380 kg of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere; enough to fill up 18,308 basketballs! You can read more about Accio and sustainability here.

It’s all about making more eco-conscious choices in our lives, which around Christmas is definitely linked to being more conscious when it comes to spending and consuming. If we are going to buy gifts, let it be something that is going to enrich someone’s home, is going to bring joy, and is built to last.

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