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COP26 On The Mind

COP26 has brought the crucial need for sustainability, lowering CO2 emissions and making more eco-conscious choices to the forefront of everyone’s minds (about time!).

So… What can I do?

Make small changes at home and on the go.

  • Save energy (and money) at home with LED light bulbs

  • Buy less: reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Eat less meat

  • Travel by bike and public transport rather than by car

  • Share information with friends and family

Accio is challenging the smart tech industry by making smart home tech that is BUILT TO LAST, simple and affordable, so anyone can make the switch to LED smart lights.

Did you know?

  • Accio smart lights are all energy efficient LED. 80% off the energy they emit is converted to light energy (with only 20% converted to wasted heat), compared to halogen bulbs that only emit 20% light energy

  • If you replaced all the bulbs in your home with LED lights, you could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 65kg a year! Equivalent to the CO2 emitted by driving your car 220 miles (Energy Saving Trust)

  • Accio bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000-30,000 hours. That’s about 10 YEARS! This means less to landfill.

  • All of our packaging are zero plastic and 100% recyclable

A word from Alisha, our founder:

“I believe the planet doesn’t belong to us, and it isn’t ours to destroy. I am actively working towards a sustainable lifestyle. For me, it’s all about preservation.

As a business owner, I ensure that my products are built to last, to have as little impact on resources as possible. Any work or any future startups I launch will have sustainability as its focal point.”

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