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Making WFH Positive and Productive!

Today’s story is all about working from home and your home work space. It’s a 2 min read. Since the pandemic, we at Accio have been no strangers to the Working From Home saga. Desk; laptop; monitor; make-do chair with little-to-no-back support; and papers spread across the table! All this set up in our home space. We have all seen a blurring between work and home life, with work melting into the evening hours and home tasks distracting us during the day; “Oh I’ll just put a wash on”, “I’ll just empty the dishwasher”... Sound familiar? 🤦

No morning commute (except to the kettle and mug cupboard) may indeed allow for a little longer in bed but we may also feel a little imposter niggling their way into our brain saying “Ooh you could fit in another hour after dinner” and “No tube to catch or traffic to sit in - are you really doing enough?” Physically getting to work was a part of the working day – time to ourselves to wake up, stretch our legs and savour our first (sustainable) coffee of the day. It’s a time to have some quiet reflective moments to prepare for the day ahead and then unpack and unwind at the end of the day. Most of us have found WFH and online meetings have meant we don’t leave our chair/bed/exercise ball for hours at a time. All of these can add up to feeling exhausted and uninspired.

So how can we improve our feelings of motivation, productivity and wellness as we enter the New Year and continue to work from home? We have reflected on our own experiences over these past months and wanted to share with you...

Be sure to have plenty of light – this seems obvious, but having a bright workspace can keep you more focused and increase productivity.

Remember that you’re not alone in your struggles – we are all experiencing the tests and strains of the lockdown, its restrictions and working from home. It is ok to feel and accept these difficulties. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Communicate with your colleagues, friends and family. Don’t suffer in silence and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Schedule social interactions and offscreen stimulation! The current state of the world may mean we can’t meet IRL but it is still important to plan contact with friends and family. Plan activities into your day that don’t involve screen time; reading, exercise, cooking, listening to a podcast, journalling… something purely enjoyable!

Did you know you can schedule a smart “work” scene on the Accio app and set the LED lights to your perfect working environment? Be it bright and airy or calming and colourful - the choice is completely yours. 😉


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