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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

How aware are you when it comes to recognising your own mental health? Ever feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and not sure how to combat these feelings?

One way to help with stress, anxiety and low mood, is to connect with nature. Get out? No seriously, get outside. Exercising in nature, spending time outside and looking after the natural world all lead to feelings of positivity and reduced stress. In fact, for #mentalhealthawarenessweek2021, are encouraging us all to spend some time with the natural world.

We can also bring nature into our home and feel its benefits in our own space. Caring for something makes us feel good and gives us purpose. Having nature around us and noticing its beauty can increase our creativity and improve our mood.

Try bringing the natural world into your creative activities today; be it a run outside, reading with a view of the garden or doing some yoga amongst your plant buddies!

And remember, only with openness, courage and compassion can we begin to educate ourselves about mental health; from education comes understanding and from understanding comes growth.


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