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Putting Smart Living Into Practise

Today our story is about using Accio in everyday life. It’s a 2 min read.

We wanted to highlight how Accio smart lights can be used in a regular day-to-day and how effortlessly and instantly you can start benefiting from a smart home system! 🤩

During this nearly year-long(!) Lockdown and with thrill levels rather low, learning new skills, trying new things and updating our home space is keeping our spirits alive. Many of us have found delightful escape from the mundane in the form of brown box deliveries of exciting at-home tools, as we all find ourselves well, at home. Go on, what have you bought during your late night ‘scrolls’? A pizza oven? Patio heaters? A new waffle iron to imitate your favourite Sunday brunch spot? Let us hope very soon they will serve as fantastic enhancements to evenings spent with friends and family, closer than two metres apart!

A smart home is not just a novelty that will fade with time, but an investment to enhance and delight your everyday experiences.

Here are five ways you can use our Accio smart lights in daily life:

✨ As your alarm clock. Switch your alarm clock for an Accio smart light and be woken up gently by the rising sun in your bedroom. There is no need to jump out of your skin as the first experience of the day! Instead you could be awoken by a zesty orange or sunshine yellow, injecting some energy into your morning. You know what they say, start as you mean to go on!

✨As your mood setter. Instantly change the vibe of the room by dimming the brightness or changing the colour of your light, with a simple touch or even voice command. Pick a warm red for an evening bingeing your fave box set or a calming green whilst you indulge in cooking some soul food.

✨ As a bell for kids’ play time. Set a timer for lights off in 30 minutes in the kids’ bedroom to signal the end of play time and beginning of bed time. I mean, we can’t guarantee they’ll be asleep at that time, still working on an app for that…

✨ As your helping hand, when yours are full. Whether you’re in the middle of cooking, you’ve just come in from doing the gardening or you’ve got your arms full with the baby, you can use voice control to turn on, off or dim the lights. Simply ask Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

✨ As your peace of mind. Add a sense of home security and turn the lights on or off from wherever you are via the Accio App. Even if you’re out and about or away from home for the night, your lights can be scheduled to come on or turn off at any point in the evening.

Our smart light features bring excitement and joy but more importantly, we are here to enhance your everyday life at home; making things simpler and more beautiful, in a way that will stand the test of time and won’t cost the Earth. 🌱


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