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Saving energy and money with Accio

Today’s blog is an energy and money saving 101! Learn all about how to save with a simple switch to LED, in a less than 1 min read.

We wanted to give you a quick breakdown of why choosing an Accio LED light bulb over a regular Halogen will be kinder to your pocket and to our planet... 💡🌱

1. Energy efficiency: LED bulbs use 90% less energy than halogen bulbs at the same light output

2. Lifespan: Halogen bulbs last 2000-5000 hours. LED bulbs last 25000-50000 hours (that’s 10 times longer!)

3. Cost: At the till, LED will cost more but over the year it is 10 times cheaper than a halogen bulb

Accio LED lights mean lower energy bills and less to landfill.

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