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The #PowerOfColour: Orange

Today our story is about the power of Colour.

Who’s got a zest for life?!

Want to brighten up your room and bring some life to your space? Here’s a super quick and easy way to switch up your bedroom or living space, without burning a whole in your pocket. Colour and light are immediate remedies for dull rooms needing a shake up. The Accio Mood light gives you both in one.

Inject some vitamin C into your daily routine; and not just with a glass of OJ! That’s right - today we’re highlighting Orange, the Creative Source. 🧡🍊

Orange stimulates the mind, brings out our creative side and new ideas. A joyful segment of sunshine, Orange has the energetic burst of red mixed with the euphoric happiness of yellow.

Feeling sluggish and unproductive from #WFH? Set your Accio Mood light to a zesty orange to illustrate enthusiasm, warmth and cheerfulness.

Did you know… Orange light has been shown to trigger greater brain activity in the frontal lobes related to alertness and cognition.

Tired of jumping out of your skin every morning when your fog horn alarm goes off?

Use your Mood light as your alarm clock! Set it to orange and be woken gently by the rising sun in your bedroom. Start your day off the way you mean to go on. Bathe in that sunrise orange and soak up that energy!

“...The oranges are golden worlds in a dark dream.” - Virginia Adair

How would you use orange to brighten your home and mood?


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