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The #PowerOfColour: Yellow

Today our story is about the power of Colour.

How does colour affect you?

The power of colour and the natural world can sometimes be taken for granted. We’re all leading busy lives; rushing around with a thousand metaphorical plates to spin and 101 balls to juggle. And then, in one quiet, fleeting moment, a ray of sun will stroke our face, a vibrant flower will catch our eye or a falling leaf will float past us. We’ll be reminded of the beauty in the natural world.

How do you use colour to bring beauty and your personality to your home?

Today we are highlighting Yellow, Beam of Joy. ☀️💛

Bring me sunshine, bring me love; yellow is a ray of optimism. If you could see a peel of laughter, we’re sure it would be yellow. Using a yellow light in your bedroom or living room can help relax your eyes for reading and create a chilled, friendly ambience.

Set your Accio Mood light to a warm yellow to illustrate cheer, cosiness and delight. Schedule your light to change to yellow to have a daily injection of sunshine, right in your own living room! ☀️💛

“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.” – Vincent Van Gogh


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