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Time to Talk About Mental Health

Today is Time to Talk Day. A day to say: let’s start a conversation about mental health, break down the walls surrounding this subject and connect with each other in a safe, supported environment. Today is a reminder to take the chance to really check in with ourselves. It is an opportunity to ask “how are you?” and allow for being - and indeed feel allowed to be - honest with the answer, without fear of judgment or discrimination.

However, Time to Talk Day should not be treated simply as another one-day-a-year event. It is a call to action to begin talking openly about mental health, today and every day. Only with openness, courage and compassion can we begin to educate ourselves about mental health; from education comes understanding and from understanding comes growth.

This past year has shone an even brighter light on the importance of communication, family and friendship. We at Accio have definitely felt the impact of Lockdown; working from home is exhausting! No denying, these times are tough and testing. But through sharing, we’ve found everyone is feeling the same way, which is hugely comforting. Connection and communication have been key to keeping our spirits lifted.

So what are some questions we can ask ourselves, and each other to tap in to our mental and emotional state?

  1. How are you feeling today? Really take a moment and consider what both your body and your mind are telling you. Focus on your breath and acknowledge those thoughts and emotions.

  2. What is taking up a lot of your headspace right now? Pause, allow those thoughts to rise to the surface, write them down and externalise them. You’ll find your brain will feel less cluttered.

  3. What was the best thing that happened today? What did you do that made you feel good? Write down ten things that you are grateful for and WHY you are grateful for them. This practise not only forces us to become present in our task, but also brings us into a more mindful state and enlightens us to all the things to be grateful for in our life.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and to voice your emotions. When we share and speak up, we break down barriers. Let’s start a conversation and end the stigma around mental health. Let’s be reminded that we are not alone.

For more information visit Time to Talk Day 2021 | Time To Change (


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