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Why Sustainability Matters To Us

Hi, Alisha here. I started Accio because I wanted to make a smart product that was stylish, easy to use and BUILT TO LAST.

My life changed when I watched the film - An Inconvenient Truth. I saw the dangers of accelerated climate change and our impact on the planet. It then spurred me to study Geography at university to learn more about Earth and the climate.

I believe the planet doesn’t belong to us, and it isn’t ours to destroy. I am actively working towards a sustainable lifestyle. For me, it's all about preservation. Living in a way that means future generations can enjoy the same things we may currently take for granted.

What can we do on an individual level? Make small changes:

  • Buy less: reuse and recycle

  • Eat less meat

  • Travel by bike and public transport rather than by car

  • Share information with friends and family

As a business owner, I ensure that my products are built to last, to have as little impact on resources as possible. Any work I do or any future startups I launch will have sustainability as its focal point.

The Tech Industry...

Smart products often have short-lives with built-in obsolescence. Tech products can end up being the three E’s: expensive, exclusive and e-waste (to landfill).

Accio’s response...

Accio is challenging this view of the tech world. Sustainability is a core part of Accio’s mission. How?

  • ALL of our smart lights are LED, using 90% less energy than regular halogen bulbs

  • They have a lifespan of 15,000-30,000 hours, lasting 10 years, which means less to landfill. They will continue to work with any app upgrades.

  • Every product arrives in recyclable, zero-plastic packaging

Preserving our planet should be, and needs to be, the basis of every decision we make and how we live our lives.

I am and will always run Accio in line with my personal life values.


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