Connected. Secure. Sustainable.


For us, the biggest concern when using a smart product is to ensure the security of your data.

Therefore, we have taken strict measures to ensure that our software and devices are among the most secure in the industry
(we are also using Accio devices in our homes and office after all!).

Registration & verification process

We will not take any of your login information apart from your Accio ID. We have employed proprietary algorithms and military-grade encryption to ensure data isolation for device access.

We have also enabled you to log on via phone number/email verification, so it is even quicker and more secure for you to log in.

In-app gesture lock

We have built an in-app gesture lock with over 10,000 possible combinations. This means that nobody apart from you will be able to log into the Accio app and control your devices (not even when your loved ones decide to ‘borrow’ your phone). We will also verify your identity every time you wish to change your login combination.

Wi-fi connectivity security

‘Smart’ modules are embedded in all Accio devices. All modules have been internationally certified to meet the communication technology and environmental protection standard.


We choose to connect our devices using Wi-Fi for a better set-up experience for you. In order to provide the most advanced connectivity security, we recommend using the WPA2 encryption protocol to ensure your Wi-Fi network is secure. 

Information security

Proprietary algorithms and military-grade AES and HTTPS WAN/LAN encryption are employed to ensure data isolation for device access. For data communication, we use algorithms and transmission encryption protocols based on dynamic key allocation.To process data, our system uses strict data filtering and validation, and complete data audits are applied. All confidential information is encrypted.


We are happy to be certified with the below:

ISO 27001:  Info-security management compliant

ISO 27017:  Cloud information security compliant

ISO 27018:  Personal data protection


The system our software adopts has reached a cooperation plan with TrustArc and is ready for GDPR compliance assessment.